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Abu Shameh Engineering Company was established in 1994.

The company specializes in implementing all types of engineering projects, with all the required rehabilitation, restoration, and concrete and metal reinforcement works.
(Buildings - health centers - hospitals - schools...)

In 2009, the company was expanded and developed in several stages, and its capital and numerical staff were increased to meet the needs of the engineering projects it is implementing. At the end of 2019, after 25 years of diligent and continuous work in all engineering projects, the company was allocated to work with international companies, United Nations organizations, and various humanitarian organizations. Its types.

Abu Shama Engineering Company provides various services that include all engineering works and project management, and is distinguished by the creative and unique solutions it provides to clients by integrating technical expertise and administrative skills enhanced by the spirit of innovation and innovation.

The company has the experience, the technical and administrative staff, and the capabilities that qualify it to achieve excellence and success when it carries out any work entrusted to it in its fields of work, including studying, designing, managing and implementing engineering projects and providing technical consultations on them, in accordance with licensing rights, which includes all design work, executive plans, procurement, construction, installation and maintenance work. for this work. It also works to provide all project requirements, including management, coordination, workers, equipment, materials, implementation, facilities, machines, tools, consumables, occupational security and safety requirements, general expenses, transportation, insurance, local official permits, and all taxes and fees (current). or in the future), and all other costs that may be required to successfully complete the work (current or future) in accordance with the engineering drawings, documents and terms of the contract.

Over the past years, the company has completed a number of large and diverse projects through effective leadership and a distinguished work team of professional engineers and technicians, which has achieved experience and good reputation for the company.

Description of key position duties

General Manager

  • Supervising and managing all the company’s work and its financial, technical, engineering and financial affairs.
  • Representing the company before the judiciary and providing power of attorney for litigation and trial.
  • Appointing, transferring, and dismissing workers and determining their wages.
  • Adopting and publishing a quality policy.
  • Setting and approving quality objectives for various levels in the company.
  • Approval of the company's organizational structure.
  • Appointment of a management representative.
  • Conduct a review of the quality management system every six months.
  • Approval of external training needs.
  • Conducting daily tours of the departments.
  • Securing the required resources to implement quality plans in consultation with the project manager.
  • Selection of new suppliers.
  • Make the decision to cancel or approve a supplier from the list of approved suppliers.
  • (In coordination with the purchasing officer) review the performance of suppliers annually.
  • Representing the company before various official authorities.
  • The administrative director acts on behalf of the general manager in managing the company’s affairs, other than the financial ones.
  • Supervising the development of the company’s technical and administrative performance.
  • Evaluating the performance of employees in cooperation with the head of the relevant department.
  • Organizing and collecting statistics about the company.
  • Supervising the proper implementation of the company’s tasks.
  • Conducting interviews for new employees and testing them in cooperation with the head of the relevant department.
  • Approval of the annual training plan.
  • Supervising all correspondence. Monitoring working hours and organizing vacations.
  • Follow up on insurance and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

Engineering Projects Implementation Manager

  • Feasibility study of economic and technical projects.
  • Project management and follow-up of their implementation.
  • Providing technical and engineering consulting expertise.
  • Preparing a quality and work management plan.
  • Selecting contractors and following up on the implementation of their work and evaluating them.
  • Prepare a project schedule.
  • Educating project workers about the importance of adhering to safety instructions.
  • Verifying the devices and equipment within the project.
  • Raising cases of non-conformity to management and proposing appropriate solutions.
  • Providing reports to management on the status of the project and the stages it has reached.
  • Coordinate with management to secure the resource required to complete the project.

The Management Representative

  • Supervising the proper implementation of the quality management system.
  • Training and qualifying employees administratively in accordance with the established management system.
  • Review proposal to change/amend a document in relation to the quality management system.
  • Supervising the preparation of a program to follow up on achieving goals for all departments.
  • Preparing an annual plan to audit the quality management system and selecting internal auditors.
  • Adopting regulations for audit questions.
  • Save lists of audit questions with audit reports.
  • Prepare, follow up and update a register of corrective/preventive action requests.
  • Preparing a register of customer complaints and following them up.
  • Review quality plans.
  • Study cases of non-conformity, prepare a record and follow up on them.
  • Compiling and analyzing the data in the periodic report.
  • Prepare a list of master documents.
  • Preparing records for the distribution of issued documents.
  • Save canceled documents.
  • Preparing the model distribution matrix.
  • Preparing and updating a list of international and local standards, references, environmental laws, and occupational health and safety.
  • Determine the duration of retention of records and how to dispose of them upon expiration of the retention period.
  • Controlling all procedures and work instructions used in the company.
  • Communicate and communicate policies and procedures to all employees.
  • Studying customers’ suggestions and analyzing them through a statistical study.
  • Preparing for management review and following up on decisions taken.

Contracts and Tenders Manager

  • Organizing tenders to participate in (providing the necessary documents).
  • Preparing a record of all tenders that have been participated in and following up on them.
  • Organizing contracts with customers.
  • Follow up on contract implementation.
  • Securing bank guarantees and recovering them.
  • Survey customers' opinions upon completion of each project.
  • Maintaining customer addresses and information.

Chief Financial Officer

  • Preparing the company’s annual budget and supervising its proper implementation.
  • Setting and organizing expenses based on the annual plan.
  • Supervising contract implementation budgets.
  • Auditing suppliers' statements and matching them with the company's financial statements every period according to ability, and making the necessary adjustments if necessary.
  • Auditing bank statements monthly, matching them with the company’s records, and making the necessary adjustments if necessary.
  • Auditing and approving salary and wage schedules according to time cards and any amendments made to them during the month.
  • Follow up on all financial and accounting work that has a financial impact on the company.
  • Auditing all necessary documents for the disbursement process and ensuring the implementation of the completed cycle and the company’s financial and accounting system.

Project Manager

  • Project management and follow-up of all work implementation.
  • Supervising all workers within the project, including contractors.
  • Preparing a quality plan.
  • Commitment to the project schedule.
  • Educating project workers about the importance of adhering to safety instructions.
  • Recording cases of non-conformity to management and proposing appropriate solutions.
  • Ensure that employees are aware of quality issues before starting work on the project.
  • Ensure that documents are available within the project and to all engineers supervising the works.

Training Officer

  • Preparing the annual training plan in cooperation with the administrative director.
  • Preparing the training program after agreement with the relevant authorities.
  • Save training reports and a copy of training materials if available.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of training.
  • Preparing and updating the worker’s individual training record.
  • Keep copies of the certificates granted to trainees in each worker’s file.
  • Preparing the training location.
  • Evaluation of the training body after each training course.
  • Supervising the training and evaluation of any new employee.

The Secretary

  • Answering the phone and transferring calls. Preparing the required correspondence.
  • Follow the mailbox.
  • Archive correspondence.
  • Supervising the cleanliness of the office and appropriate infrastructure.
  • Adhere to quality management system requirements and maintain system files and procedures.
  • Paying some bills or some supplies.
  • Coordinating administration appointments.
  • Follow up on general office matters.

Procurement Officer

  • Receiving quotations on an ongoing basis for materials supplied to the company.
  • Look for the lowest price and similar quality of materials.
  • Constantly negotiating with suppliers to obtain the best price and best possible facilities.
  • Preparing a purchase order immediately upon agreement with suppliers.
  • Follow up the supply process with the supplier until the materials reach the company.
  • Request a technical specifications page for the supplied materials or a certificate of analysis when needed.
  • Preparing lists of approved suppliers, keeping them, and reviewing them annually with the General Manager.
  • Prepare a supplier performance evaluation card to evaluate it for each supply and for each item separately.
  • Maintaining ISO files, constantly reviewing them, and updating them whenever required.
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