Practical experiences

In the Construction Field

  • Study, prepare and implement all construction plans for facilities.
  • Construction works:

Implementing all concrete works for various types of facilities.../concrete bridges/retaining walls/road works

  • Study and implement strengthening works for facilities (partial/temporary/total) and prepare structural safety reports for buildings
  • Implementation of all works of metal facilities and halls:

Factories / showrooms / warehouses / hangars and covering them with sandwich panels.

  • Road and infrastructure works:

Sewer lines. /Rainwater drainage lines/Drinking water lines.
Electricity, lighting and telephone lines.
Asphalt surfacing works in all its layers and general site works.

In the Architectural Field

  • Study, prepare and implement all architectural plans:

Engineering projections / modern engineering facades for facilities / general site works
For all types of projects:
Residential / health / service / tourism, in accordance with the requirements and nature of the facility’s work and in accordance with modern international codes, regulations and standards.

  • Implementation of all interior cladding works:

Marble, ceramic and granite works / Wooden carpentry works (doors / reception cabinets / all types of furniture / kitchen storage) and kitchen and laboratory table works (natural granite, Corian and cast resin) / Aluminum carpentry works / Metal carpentry works and automatic gates / Painting works of various types / Epoxy flooring Self-leveling / false ceiling and gypsum board works / wooden decoration works / sanitary works (PVC, PPR pipes, bathroom sets, mixers, and solar energy devices).

  • Implementation of all external cladding works:

Design and implementation of building facades:

  1. Alkabond facades.
  2. Securit glass facades.
  3. Curtain wall facades.
  4. GRC facade works.
  5. Stone cladding works.
  6. Marble cladding works.
  7. Colorful Tyrolean spray works.
  8. Granite clay works.
  • Waterproofing works:

Rubber acrylic works for roofs - and insulation works with bitumen rolls (regular and crushed APP, SBS)

In the Field of Electricity

  • Study, prepare and implement all electrical plans.
  • Study and implementation of all strong current works:
  1. Electrical cables and their holders.
  2. Electrical panels and breakers.
  3. Electrical installations (points/switches/sockets).
  4. Modern lighting devices (LED).
  5. Earthing networks.
  6. Lightning protection networks.
  7. Electrical transformers (conversion centers).
  8. Obstetric groups.
  9. UPS uninterruptible power units.
  10. Solar alternative energy systems.
  • Study and implementation of all weak current works:
  1. Alternative lighting systems.
  2. CCTV television surveillance systems.
  3. Radio systems.
  4. LAN local computer networks.
  5. Telephone networks.
  6. Time control systems.
  7. Nurse call systems.
  8. Role systems.
  9. Central satellite networks.
  10. Fire early warning networks, labeled and unlabeled (control panels - smoke and heat sensors and built-in sensors - manual alarm buttons - illuminated horns - network equipment).

In the Field of Mechanics

  • Air conditioning systems:
  1. Cold water production units (chillers)
  2. Air Handling Units AHU
  3. Air condensing units/central air conditioning system
  • Ventilation systems:
  1. Turbine exhaust fans.
  2. Air ducts.
  • Heating systems:
  1. Heating pipe network
  2. Radiators
  3. Burners
  4. Boilers
  • Fire extinguishing systems and accessories:
  1. Pipe network and ceiling sprinklers.
  2. Triple system pumps.
  3. Fire fighting water nozzles.
  4. Manual fire extinguisher.
  5. Automatic extinguishing systems with clean gases FM200-CO2 - inert gases.
  • Pump works
  • Elevator works (EN81 European system)

In the Medical Field

  • Medical Gas Network Works:
  1. Medical gas pipeline network
  2. Medical intakes (oxygen intakes - medical air - vacuum).
  3. Separation panels.
  4. Patient head units.
  5. Accessories.
  • Implementation, cladding, and equipping of isolation rooms, quarantine rooms, and operating rooms:

(Taking into account negative pressure for ventilation / taking into account static electricity).

  • Implementation, cladding and equipping of x-ray rooms and insulating walls, floors, doors and windows with lead panels.
  • Furniture and medical equipment works:

Reception cabinets - waiting rooms with all their equipment - pharmacy storage - complete clinic furnishings - patient and examination beds.

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