In the Field of Implementing Engineering Projects

  • Entry of tenders, pledges, and all contracting works for the public and private sectors, and import and export of permitted materials.
  • Supply work for all types of projects for both the private and governmental sectors with all types of medical, mechanical, electrical, and other equipment.
  • Study and implementation of all types of engineering projects. The company specializes in rehabilitation work for hospitals, health centres, schools and residential buildings.
  • Implementing engineering projects related to strengthening and metal construction works, in addition to strengthening and restoring archaeological buildings.
  • Implementing water projects: modern irrigation networks, their equipment, and irrigation canals.
  • Rehabilitation of wells with all their equipment (pipes / submersible pumps / accessories / control panels / operating generators...)

In the Field of Engineering Studies

The company has an integrated consulting engineering office, as the office is qualified to carry out all consulting work and prepare engineering designs in various fields and activities, as it supports the company with the necessary engineering and consulting technical expertise through the departments available in the office, which are:

  1. Office management and technical consulting expertise.
  2. Department of Architectural Design, Decoration and Interior Furnishings.
  3. Information Technology Department.
  4. Department of Structural Studies.
  5. Department of Electrical and Mechanical Studies.
  6. Building permits and public relations.

In the Field of Safety and Security (Health and Environment) and Tracking Work Implementation

  • Preparing time plans for projects.
  • Preparing work implementation plans within the project site.
  • Preparing occupational security and safety plans.
  • Track project implementation through:
  1. Weekly/monthly reports/…
  2. Balancing and comparing financial expenditures, and studying the economic feasibility of the project.
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