Vision :

To be a leading professional company in the engineering field, specializing in project implementation and management, engineering studies, design, and supervision.

This is according to scientific methods and advanced professional methods aimed at giving added value to the engineering profession, in order to achieve optimal investment of resources and capabilities and preserve wealth, complementing the engineering sector in Syria.

Mission :

The company has set a specific goal to achieve its tasks and vision, as our tasks can be summarized as follows:

  • Providing high-quality services in project management, design and implementation.
  • Providing distinguished consulting services to clients in accordance with international principles, systems and standards.
  • Expanding the implementation of engineering projects to become a unique and distinguished company.
  • Developing effective management that emphasizes productivity and permanent development of the company and instilling work ethics in the staff.
  • Creating an engineering team with superior professional capabilities in all specialties.

Objective :

The name of Abu Shama Engineering Company should be associated with high professional performance according to international and local scientific standards.

That the name Abu Shama Engineering adds value to all the projects in which we participate.

Obtaining advanced creative ideas, mobilizing young people’s enthusiasm and energies, and providing them with the necessary capabilities to highlight their creativity in various fields.

Contributing to directing capabilities in the correct direction and avoiding randomness in line with the successive developments of the era by organizing and facilitating work procedures in a systematic and organized manner.
Adopting an organizational methodology and structure that ensures compliance with policies, legislation and instructions.

Company Values :

Between the company and employees ..
Justice - trust - honesty - honesty - cooperation - teamwork - respect for time - respect for co-workers.

Between the company and customers ..
Credibility - respect for customers - meeting needs - fulfilling contracts.

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